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ZKB100 Oil-gas Recovery Vacuum Pump

  • Product Name:  ZKB100 Oil-gas Recovery Vacuum Pump
  • Model NO.:  ZKB100
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Case
  • Brand Name:  Jia song
  • Minimum Order:  5 pieces
  • Product Details:  ZKB100 Oil-gas Recovery Vacuum Pump

ZKB series oil-gas recovery vacuum pump is a relatively consummate pump for oil-gas recovery, working under the ambient temperature at -40~60℃. It can be used separately or as a part of oil-gas recovery system in gas stations, which is mainly used for oil-gas recovery, to reduce pollution and save energy.
With the growing requirement on taking advantage of environmental pollution and energy well, this oil-gas recovery vacuum pump will be applied to this field widely.
Structural Characteristic
Characteristic of ZKB series oil-gas recovery vacuum pump: a shaft drived by motor is fixed on the pump body, and its one end in the pump body is fixedly connected a crank which is jointed to a connection rod; a piston in liner with reciprocating motion is fixed on the top of the connection rod, and the liner is fixed in the pump body; a valve seat assy above the piston has inlet valve and outlet valve which are check valves. Besides, the inlet cavity and outlet cavity on the pump body are connected with the inlet valve and outlet valve respectively; through a pipeline, the inlet cavity is connected with the coupling of an air eliminator, and one end of the coupling is connected with the hose through the hose coupling; the hose with internal and external casing is connected with nozzle.
Technical Specification

Model ZKB-100 ZKB-53  
Power 370 370 W
Rating suction capacity 100 53 L/min
High-point vacuum -0.09 0.09 MPa
Noise 62 62 dB(A)
Speed 2800 2800 RPM
Voltage 380±10% 380±10% V
Weight 18 15 KG
Dimension L×W×H 450X163X205 310X163X205 mm
Ex Marking Exd II AT3 Exd II AT3  
Ex Certificate NO GYB081008 GYB081008