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D50 High Flow Solenoid Valve

  • Product Name:  D50 High Flow Solenoid Valve
  • Model NO.:  D50
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Carton
  • Brand Name:  Jia song
  • Minimum Order:  10 pieces
  • Product Details:  D50 High Flow Solenoid Valve

Main Features
Controlled by built-in overlapped or parallel-connected electromagnetic precursor valve, with advanced craft and reliable action;
Diaphragm of main valve adopts imported special rubber, with high anti-corrosion and resisting low temperature at -40℃;
Special stainless steel magnetic material never rust or generate remanent magnetism;
Close the main valve when the working pressure is 0.3-0.4MPa, and the small flow system will be 3-3.5L/min, which can be designed according to users' requirements.
Technical Specification

Medium Gasoline , Kerosene , Diesel
Working Pressure 0.035MPa--0.35MPa
CV 48
Working Voltage AC220V AC110V DC24V DC12V
Diameter G2''