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About Us

Shanghai Jiasong Machine Co., Ltd Shanghai Jiasong Machine Co., Ltd enjoys the honor to be a member of China electrical  industrial association, as well as the cooperation partner of Daqing Oilfield Company, CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation). As a high tech corporation, Jiasong has experienced over 30 years in designing, manufacturing and distributing various fuel dispensers, valves, drivers and cleaning equipments, which leads the company to be well-known around the whole country as high tech corporation. As our main products, submersible pump, LPG flow meter, vane pump, valve and polishing machines have possessed a very high market share at home and abroad. We cover a total area of 20,000 m². We employ more than 50 senior technicians in different majors, and about 300 experienced workers....

Catalogue and Products

Fuel Dispensers

Fuel Dispenser

JS-F LPG Fuel Dispenser, YTB-40 Electric Transfer Pump Assy, JS-D Fuel Dispenser, YTB-60 Electric Transfer Pump Assy, JS-C Fuel Dispenser, YTB-80 Electric Transfer Pump Assy, JS-B Fuel Dispenser, JS-A Fuel Dispenser, JS-E Fuel Dispenser, JS-F Fuel Dispenser, JS-Q Fuel Dispenser, JS-M Fuel Dispenser, JS-DJY Fuel Dispenser, JS-X Fuel Dispenser, JS-CZ Fuel Dispenser, JYB Fuel Dispenser,

Fuel Dispenser Parts

Submersible Pump

Combination Pump(Gear Pump)

CP1 Combination Pump, CP1A Combination Pump, CP1B Combination Pump, CP2 Gear Pump, CP2A(cp2c)gear pump, CP2B Combination Pump, CP3 Combination Pump, CP4 Combination Pump, CP5 Gear Pump, CP9 Direct-connected Pump, CP10 Direct-connected Pump,

Flow Meter

JSJ1 Flow Meter, JSJ2 Flow Meter, JSJ3(JSJ3A)Flow Meter, JSJ4 Flow Meter, JSJ4A Flow Meter, JSJ4B Flow Meter, JSJ5 Flow Meter, JSJ6 Flow Meter, WLL1 Flow Meter, WLL40 Turbine Meter, K20 Mechanical Flowmeter, K40 Mechanical Flowmeter, K12 Mechanical Flowmeter, new k24 turbine meter / diesel gear meter / flow meter,

Mechanical Counter

GY-210A Mechanical Counter, GY-210B Mechanical Counter, MJS-1 Mechanical Counter,

MLD Series of Mechanical Leak Detector

MLD1 Mechanical Leak Detector, MLD2 Leak Detectors,

Emergency Cut-off Valve

ESV40 Emergency Cut-off Valve, ESV40A Emergency Cut-off Valve,

Pump & Flow Meter

CP1+JSJ2+DTLQ-01, CP1+2 JSJ2+DTLQ-01, CP1+2 JSJ4+DTLQ-01, CP1+JSJ1, CP1+JSJ2, CP1+JSJ4+DTLQ-01, CP4+JSJ6, ExYTB-60 Explosion-proof Electric Transfer Pump Assy, ExYTB-60B Explosion-proof Electric Transfer Pump Assy, DYB-40 Electric Transfer Pump, DYB-60 Electric Transfer Pump, DYB-80 Electric Transfer Pump,

Solenoid Valve

D50 High Flow Solenoid Valve, DSF-20F/25F Flameproof Double Flow Solenoid Valve, MSF-20F/25F Casting Double Flow Solenoid Valve(Flange), MSF-20N/25N Casting Double Flow Solenoid Valve(Female Thread), MSF-20T/25T Casting Double Flow Solenoid Valve(Male Thread),

Automatic Nozzle

A3001-12A Automatic Nozzle, A3001-A03/11A Automatic Nozzle, A3001-A03A Automatic Nozzle, A3001-H07 Automatic Nozzle, A3002-11BA Automatic Nozzle, A3002-12B Automatic Nozzle, A3003-11CA/12CA Automatic Nozzle, A3004-11D Automatic Nozzle, A3005-11E Automatic Nozzle, A3006-11F Automatic Nozzle, A3007-2135G Automatic Nozzle, ZJS-200 Oil-gas Recovery Nozzle,

Coupling Series

AH-3 Explosion-proof Junction Box, AH-6 Explosion-proof Junction Box, AH-6C Explosion-proof Junction Box, KCM-SKH02 Explosion-proof Junction Box, GLQ1 Filter, GLQ2 Filter, GLQ3 Filter, GLQ4 Filter, JBL50-F01A Filter, N-7342 Filter, P-0113 Filter, DTJZF Check Valve, JSBAV Break Away Valve, JSFV Foot Valve, 104479 3-phase Connection, JBL50-F03 3-phase Connection, JSLSQ1 Hose Retractor, JSLSQ2 Hose Retractor, LT-1 Standard Metal Measuring Can, LT-2 Standard Metal Measuring Can, LT-3 Standard Metal Measuring Can, LT-4 Standard Metal Measuring Can, Loading Arm, A01 Coupling, A02 Coupling, B01 Swivel, C01 Center Coupling, C02 Center Coupling, D01 Swivel, D02 Swivel, R18189HS Series Spin-on Filter, K82584HS series spin-on filter,

LPG Pump/Meter & LPG Dispenser

LPG Flow Meter

LPG1 Flowmeter, LPG2 Flowmeter,

Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump

TCS Series Volumetric Flow Meter

TCS-50-C-1 Volumetric Flowmeter, TCS Volumetric Flowmeter, TCS-50-K-1Volumetric Fowmeter, TCS Volumetric Flowmeter, TCS Volumetric Flowmeter,

TCS Series Volumetric Flow Meter Parts

Air Eliminator, Control Valve, K-50 Pneumatic Check Valve, K series Pneumatic Check Valve, Solenoid Hydraulic Valve, Solenoid Hydraulic Valve, Strainer Assy, Strainer, TCS50L-09-2 Regulator Assy, TCSJ1-02 Connection Plate Assy, TCSJ1-12 Accumulation Assy, TCSJ1 Mechanical Register, TCSJ1E Electronic Register, TCSJ2 Mechanical Preset Counter, V-50-LPG Differential Valve,

PD Meter Parts

2" Air Eliminator and Strainer, 2" Preset Valve, 4" Air Eliminator and Strainer,

PD Series Volumetric Flow Meter

PD-50 Volumetric Flowmeter, PD-50-NX-1 Volumetric Flowmeter, PD-100 Volumetric Flowmeter,

OGM Oval Meter

OGM-50 Oval Gear Meter, OGM-80 Oval Gear Meter, OGM-100 Oval Gear Meter, OGM Diesel Oval Gear Flow Meter,

YB Vane Pump

YB Coupling Drive, YB Diesel Engine Drive, YB Rotary Vane Pump, YB V-Belt Drive, YB Rotary Vane Oil Transfer Pump,

SUB Vane Pump

SUB-40 Coupling Drive, SUB-40 Vane Pump, SUB-80 Vane Pump,

YDJ Mobile Fuel Unit

YDJ Series Mobile Fuel Unit, YDJ Series Mobile Fuel Unit,

ZKB Oil-gas Recovery Vacuum Pump

ZKB53 Oil-gas Recovery Vacuum Pump, ZKB100 Oil-gas Recovery Vacuum Pump,

SM Series Positive Displacement Vane Meter

SM Series Positive Displacement Vane Meter