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GY-210B Mechanical Counter

  • Product Name:  GY-210B Mechanical Counter
  • Model NO.:  GY-210B
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Carton
  • Brand Name:  Jia song
  • Minimum Order:  10 pieces
  • Product Details:  GY-210B Mechanical Counter

sales rates up to $200/Minute;
unique worm gear drive prevents wheel overthrow;
exclusive high resolution clutch and right-hand money wheel graphics to improve accuracy and readability.
Technical Specification

Sale Totalizer 9,999,999,9
Volume Totalizer 9,999,999,9
Single Volume(L) 999.9
Unie Price 0-5.999 0-9.99
Single Amount 999.9 999
Volume Per Revolution 0.5