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Fuel Dispensers

JS severs fuel dispensers are the new generation refueling equipments with all properties and functions of ordinary fuel dispensers for gas stations to fill motor vehicles with gasoline, light diesel oil.

JS severs fuel dispensers are made up of motors, vane pumps, oil and gas separators, four-piston positive displacement flow meters, solenoid valves, signal sensors and computer control components etc. To provide tax interface. High reliability, fast running, more functions, easy operation, with the volume, amount, unit price displaying, quantitatively filling.

JS severs fuel dispensers can  randomly filling is very convenient for operators to fill any vehicles precisely and quickly, all the fuel dispenser data is shown on LCD displays, clear and beautiful sighted.

We consider the product quality as enterprise’s life for quite a long time. Our products have reliable quality, they are durable with reasonable price. Our products sell well in Europe (France, Germany, Greece, Ukraine and Russia), America (USA and Brazil), Middle East (Egypt, Israel and Lebanon) and Asia (Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Philippines). Now our company has more than 200 employees including 38 technicians. Our principle is “Professional originates from concentration”

JS severs fuel dispensers conforms to GB 22380.1, GB 3836.2, GB 2826.2, GB 3826.4, GB 3826.9 standards, inspected by the National Quality Supervision Center for explosion proof electrical products, we’ve been authorized the explosion-proof certificate. The trucking loading fuel dispenser is manufactured and inspected according to the flowing standards,
1). GB/T 9081-2008 motor vehicles fuel dispensers
2).JJG443-2006 fuel dispenser national metrological verification regulations
3).GB 22380.1-2008 gas station explosion-proof sechnology Part 1: fuel dispenser explosion-proof security technological requirements.


Fuel Dispensers