Manufacturer and exporter of Fuel Dispenser, Submersible Pump, Meter Control System and Breakaway Valve.
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1:Some Advantages of owning a Combination Pump 2:A Closer Look At The Liquid Flow Meter 3:Flow meters for accurate and reliable service 4:Electric transfer pump for optimum function
Fuel Dispenser,Fuel Dispenser Parts, Volumetric Flow Meter/Parts & Pump
  • Shanghai Jiasong Machine Co., Ltd enjoys the honor to be a member of China electrical  industrial association, as well as the cooperation partner of Daqing Oilfield Company, CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation). As a high tech corporation, Jiasong has experienced over 30 years in designing, manufacturing and distributing various fuel dispensers, valves, drivers and cleaning equipments, which leads the company to be well-known around the whole country as high tech corpo...
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